About Us

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Founded a few years ago, Monster Cleaning Maidenhead has already turned in a competitive provider of professional cleaning services in Maidenhead. We have a 21st-century approach to our work which makes our cleaning solutions incredibly innovative and flexible. As a properly licensed and excellently reviewed business, our customers have full confidence in our professionalism and the quality which we provide.

The team behind the company

Working with some of the best and most vetted pros in the industry has taught us that there are no impossible things in this business. Regardless of how difficult, unusual or complex a cleaning jobs is, our highly qualified and fully insured staff always comes through and saves the day. We employ devoted and meticulous professionals who have a broad suite of skills and who constantly expand their knowledge on the latest tendencies in the field and the most efficient cleaning techniques which are available at the moment. Our regular clients appreciate the fact that the company’s helpful cleaners are also incredibly open and polite. Even in cases in which the customer cannot be present during the cleaning process, our patient and competent staff can be fully trusted. We have run a background check on all of our employees and we would never allow someone dishonest or reckless to be part of our dream team.

Cleaning machines and products that we use

In our trade, skills and experience are not enough. That is why we have equipped our dedicated personnel with top-of-the-shelf cleaning equipment. Steamers, carpet cleaners, extractors, polishers or scrubbers – whatever machine we need to use, we already have. To ensure that there are no hiccups, unforeseen glitches or delays, we regularly check the performance of our equipment and tools. Just like our machines are powerful and non-invasive at the same time, so are the cleaning supplies that we use. Our products do not contain toxic substances or harsh chemicals. We can treat even delicate fabrics and we clean homes in a green and kid-friendly manner.

What we can guarantee to each client

When you hire Monster Cleaning Maidenhead to clean your property, you do not to only invest making your working or living environment cleaner and healthier, you also invest in top quality and an all-round service. We offer many benefits to our clients like modest prices, a great selection of cleaning solutions, incredible offers and many other great reasons to book us.

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